Monument of forest

In my city everything are artificial even lightness and darkness. Nature has no longer existed….it become history of the mankind. We have forgotten what the nature is. The only memorable place that reminds me of nature is……….…the monument of the forest.

Garden of Memorial

Named "the garden of memorial", this project is represented as a monumentality of Ijmuiden. Because located in the middle of canal which is the main circulation for ships, this garden, which is inaccessible but visible, is also serve people who commute by water transportation as an urban artifact rather than just a landmark or statue. Since this project are dealing with the notion of the city, monumentality is my starting point for this project.

For me, the garden always represents incorporation of both natural and man-made materials. Also garden is sometime represented as peaceful place. It completely contrasts to the old context which this island used to be a fort island during the war. However, I contextualized it in a conflict way to remind people about the historical event and place where this land has been changed by incorporating between nature and human.

For this project I intend to not produce architecture to change the site, but rather bring back the memorial of the site to represent about the notion of the city. Instead of making a fancy architecture, I design simple structure which is the wall enclose the entire island. In this project, the wall can act as a symbolical structure to remind people what is in side. People in Ijmuiden could remind about the important event when they visit this site, or see from the other side of land. Basically, this garden is composed by three elements. The first is a rectangular wall which is 300 x 200m, and 15m heights. Second is Annex islands where are the arriving spot and opened garden. Third is the exhibition walkway where visitor can experience this island and the mainland.

To relate this garden to the mainland I place four towers to see as a reference point. During the war the land is scraped for effective shooting length. Also, the harbor is cut to this straight shape to provide clear view form the fortress.

Labirynt Cafe
Vitabergsparken, Södermalm, Stockholm.

For this project, i tried to integrate a new cafe, 200 sqm., in to the park........architecture itself become part of another green element in the park......after researching different typology of the garden in western traditional park....,rabirynt seem to be the most interesting for my project in term of its architectonic element.

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